Jun. 25th, 2015 10:20 pm
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 The human(?) Kevin is very strange. His face covered in blood and mismatched clothes oddly fit his, seemingly oblivious, happiness. He seems happy but something about it is off. It's off. He's friendly enough and his implication that I'm a friend has me slightly concerned. He doesn't know me but in this day and age considers me a friend. I'm older by far, I remember times when you could be friends with people on a seconds notice, but now I'm not so sure. Perhaps Desert Bluffs was a small town that Kevin could make friends with in one meet. But this town was strange. 

On my way back from the bookstore shops I had passed on my way there weren't there anymore, or had switched. Odd, but not the oddest thing I've seen. Kevin built a building of corpses, he didn't seem like he was all there? He mentioned medicine, when I said I refused to purchase anything of StrexCorp, he didn't seem to know what I had said about it, but seemed to know I hadn't been positive, and said 'ow' as if it had hurt him. An odd concept to say the least. 

Kevin is strange and odd, I'm not sure how much I'm willing to call him a friend, but maybe an ally. 

- Josner Agnite Bloodren 

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  • Hellhounds are immortal but not invulnerable, they can be wounded by mortal weapons but not killed, unless holy objects are put in place prior to weaken them. However hellfire and hell metals can kill them.

  • upon death they return to hell and have to go on a ‘quest’ to find the portal then solve the riddle to get out.

  • Alphas are immortal lesser hounds age slower than average.

  • Cerberus’ line is the only ‘Pure’ line.

  • After a certain age they can access ‘hellfire’ which is a flame that burns without fuel and sears away the soul (Josner is not old enough)

  • Hounds are violent but loyal to a fault.

  • They must have permission to take a host. Trickery, drugging, etc. to get consent doesn’t work.

  • They can be bound to a mortal if the mortal creates a contract. This contract makes the mortal age faster as the hound, most often without a host, is literally draining their life away until the contract is complete.

  • Collars are not a trend they serve a purpose.

  • Branding hounds for their duties and is a norm. Don’t ask about the brands. If you don’t know what they are for then it’s better you don’t.

  • when with a host they can ‘summon’ their hound. Doing so they summon a metaphysical form that can do damage but most mortals can’t see what’s attacking them. Only other beings of myth and immortals can.

  • After a century under the hounds influence the hound can bring forth claws and tooth to defend himself. 
  • Josner is 6’7.

  • He likes books.

  • He is out of touch with any and all generation.

  • He prefers to observe rather than talk but will seek out groups of people instinctively.

  • He struggles to communicate efficiently and often loses his temper when other people don’t understand him.

  • Short fuse.

  • Will not chase sticks. Or cars. He is a noble of hell. He is not a pet.

  • Has been tricked into being a guard dog before.

  • Doesn’t often learn lessons.

  • Sleeps for 12+ hours a day.

  • Has a caffeine addiction to rival all.

  • Can’t tie a shoe.

  • Someone please teach this hound to tie a shoe.

  • His hound form is lithe and thickly furred. has seven inch claws and canines that are four inches. Horns come from his head signifying his rank as an Alpha. A cut tail(like a bulldog) shows he’s been banished from hell for crimes against the throne.

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Jun. 23rd, 2015 12:00 am
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